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Do you have a question? Feel free to send us an email! As you type your question in our ticket form we will list articles on the side that may answer your question. If you don’t see a response, please email us. For the fastest response, please provide as much information as possible about your question.

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I need help now! Your company is not clearing out my account and my IT dept. is not able to get my site working because of interference with Duda Mobile. Please technical person clear the cache i cancelled my account a few days ago, why is it still showing up causing us problems? Please Call Debra at 720-312-0986 or email me a phone number ASAP to call you. my email is debra@careercentersolutions.com Thanks!
Posted 10:07, 18 Nov 2014

I have a client that is on another account. I am new to this and just signed up so that I could contact you all for help.
My client is asking that I change something on the contact form, but the account it is under is not mine. I have to make changes to Creeksideplumbing dudamobile site. It was set up by a Ricky Graham, and I now host this clients website, and I need access to his dudamobile website to assist in the changes he is requesting however Mr. Graham is not responding to my request for his assistance with this. What suggestions do you have for me? Is there anything I can do to get your company to make these changes for this client or what can I do to help meet his request since I am his marketing agent. If you would like to call me please call me at 281-816-6929 Thank You. ~Taunya Edited 10:40, 18 Nov 2014
Posted 10:39, 18 Nov 2014
Well this support system works really well... Not. I cannot get a hold of anyone about my billing. I paid for a year of Duda Mobile and you guys are still charging me monthly. Please get a hold of me at Chad@NHiPhoneRepair.com
I do not appreciate my e-mail and question being in public view on your support page.
Posted 11:13, 18 Nov 2014
Dont know why this is public now...
When a user clicks on my "disclaimer" on both my "home" page & "contact us" page they are told the page cannot be found. How do I link a page to that disclaimer button?
Posted 11:18, 18 Nov 2014
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